Iconfactory Portfolio

With over 20 years of experience designing icons and interfaces for award-winning apps, the Iconfactory will help your app put its best foot forward. Take a look at our work below, and let us know what we can design for you!

App icon for PrimateLab's GeekbenchShown above are web, Android and iOS versions of the icon. Primate Labs wanted us to take their existing Mac OS X-style icon for Geekbench and create a mobile version that could work universally across  iOS6, iOS 7, and the Android and Blackberry platforms. We needed to discard the very three dimensional, top-down OS X approach, but keep the recognizable brand elements and colour scheme.

Our solution is a straight-on view of the characteristic eyeglasses and chart, generally based on iOS 7 proportional guidelines where possible. The glasses are flattened without being entirely “flat”, and the chart has been simplified and cleaned-up for extra clarity. Subtle changes in lighting and dimensional effect were added to the icon for each platform’s specific look and feel, so that each variation feels at home in-context yet branding is maintained across all the implementations. Is your computer up to speed? Get Geekbench 3.