App icon for PrimateLab's GeekbenchShown above are web, Android and iOS versions of the icon. Primate Labs wanted us to take their existing Mac OS X-style icon for Geekbench and create a mobile version that could work universally across  iOS6, iOS 7, and the Android and Blackberry platforms. We needed to discard the very three dimensional, top-down OS X approach, but keep the recognizable brand elements and colour scheme.

Our solution is a straight-on view of the characteristic eyeglasses and chart, generally based on iOS 7 proportional guidelines where possible. The glasses are flattened without being entirely “flat”, and the chart has been simplified and cleaned-up for extra clarity. Subtle changes in lighting and dimensional effect were added to the icon for each platform’s specific look and feel, so that each variation feels at home in-context yet branding is maintained across all the implementations. Is your computer up to speed? Get Geekbench 3.