Iconfactory Portfolio

With over 20 years of experience designing icons and interfaces for award-winning apps, the Iconfactory will help your app put its best foot forward. Take a look at our work below, and let us know what we can design for you!

Twocanoes came to us for assistance in implementing an idea they had for a new app – one that joins real-time event sharing with GPS positioning for a unique variation on social networking and communication. We worked to create an ultra-simplified, map-based UI that invited the user to touch and operate the various dimensional elements, while keeping as many of those elements as possible out of the way until needed. Some of the solutions we employed presaged UI techniques previewed for iOS 7, such as the use of blur effects on layers to create a sense of element relationship and location within the app workflow, as well as a sense of depth within the UI itself. The app icon echoes these ideas, combining the energy of a movement-based app with a fun, dimensional treatment of the map metaphor.