Iconfactory Portfolio

With over 20 years of experience designing icons and interfaces for award-winning apps, the Iconfactory will help your app put its best foot forward. Take a look at our work below, and let us know what we can design for you!

We were charged to design the prototypes that would become the fundamental visual building blocks of the Microsoft Windows Vista icon suite. Building on the groundbreaking work we had done for Microsoft’s Windows XP icon suite, the Iconfactory once again worked hand in hand with the design team in Redmond to help design the look and feel of the Windows Vista icon suite. Over the course of two years, style proposals were created and refined in cooperation with Microsoft’s creative team, to match and express Windows Vista’s Aero vision and styling. Once the final concepts for the icon style were completed, Microsoft’s designers expanded on this visual language and used it to internally create the full suite of icons you see today in Windows Vista.