Iconfactory Portfolio

With over 20 years of experience designing icons and interfaces for award-winning apps, the Iconfactory will help your app put its best foot forward. Take a look at our work below, and let us know what we can design for you!

Twitter Emoji

The Iconfactory worked hand-in-hand with the team at Twitter to develop a fresh, new suite of emoji icons for the web. Twitter wanted light-hearted, fun versions of the familiar icons users around the world know and love. Initial design explorations centered on a simple, flat style that would be easily identified as uniquely Twitter’s. The Iconfactory worked with the Twitter design team to develop the style, and over two and a half months produced more than 800 individual emoji optimized in multiple bitmap and vector formats.

Learn more about Twitter’s emoji set release at The Verge, The Next Web, and engadget.